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About Our Church

HRVCC History

A brief history of the uniting of Valley Christian Church and Hood River First Christian Church and the building of Hood River Valley Christian Church:


The history of the Valley Christian Church, sometimes called "The Country Church," goes back to 1886. The history of the First Christian Church, sometimes called "The Town Church," goes back to 1905.  After five years of consideration, the two historic Hood River Christian churches voted to become one congregation, and on September 9, 1962, the merged board met to share information and began discussion on plans for the future.  The merged congregations began meeting together in 1963, alternating between the First Christian Church building downtown one month, and at Valley Christian Church on Barrett Drive the next month. When "The Town Church" was sold, meetings were all at "The Country Church" until the new building was ready for use on August 16, 1964.  The new building was built on land purchased in 1963 for a very reasonable price, as history tells. The architect's plans for the building took maximum advantage of the view of Mt. Hood and the natural beauty surrounding the area. The old church bell from the Valley Church was installed on a free-standing tower on the west lawn and remains there today.  In 2011, the sanctuary was remodeled with the addition of a stained glass window at the front of the sanctuary and building wide energy efficiency upgrades. The 50th anniversary celebration of the merger of the two congregations and building was in 2014.

Our Affiliation

Learn more about the Christian Church in Oregon & Southwest Idaho, our Regional Church, HERE. 



We are part of a wider, National body of Christ, called the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). You can learn more about this national network HERE

Church Year

Lent begins on Ash Wednesday and lasts for the 40 days (6 weeks) leading up to Easter Sunday.

Palm Sunday with procession of the palms in worship

Maundy Thursday service on the Thursday before Easter to commemorate Jesus' last supper with the disciples


Easter Sunday celebration and Easter egg hunt following worship


Advent is the four Sundays leading up to Christmas


Advent focuses on hope, peace, joy and love


Christmas Eve candlelight worship service @ 7pm

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