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Meet Our Staff



Alicia Speidel

Reverend Alicia Speidel began serving at Hood River Valley Christian Church in June 2015.  Prior to her leadership here, she served at Medford First Christian Church for 12 years.  She graduated from Pacific University in 1999 with a BA in Psychology and Pacific School of Religion in 2002 with a Master of Divinity.


A native Oregonian, Alicia loves the Pacific Northwest.  She is married to Geoff.  They have two children, Kailey and Jackson, plus two cats, Yoda and Leia.  Alicia enjoys camping and fishing with her family, exploring the outdoors and attending live music concerts.  Alicia engages in ministry in many different ways, both locally and regionally, seeking to draw people closer to God and their spirituality.  |  Tel: 541-386-2608


Office Administrator

Kathy Holmson

Keeping things on track at the church is Kathy Holmson, a longtime HRVCC member.  In coordination with Reverend Alicia she takes care of scheduling, much of the church communications, and maintains records. 

Kathy and her husband Bruce—who helps with building projects and maintenance and technology—have lived in HR since 1990. They are parents to 3 adult children and 3 grandchildren.  |  Tel: 541-386-2608


Accompanist & Bell Choir Director

Mary Anne Parrott

A native Oregonian, Mary Anne returned for retirement in 2009 after 36 years on the staff of Disciples Seminary Foundation in Claremont, California.  She holds degrees in religion and elementary education with a minor in music in college.  She and her husband, Rod, have one son, Josh, who lives with his family in Richland, Washington.  |  Tel: 541-386-8766


Choir Director 

Betty Osborne

  • Born and raised in Hood River. 

  • Graduated from business college in Portland in late 60s.

  • Worked in wood products export business til 1973 when she returned to Hood River.

  • Worked for United Telephone/Sprint/Embarq (telephone company), primarily public relations, for 34+ years till retiring in 2009.

  • Married, two grown daughters and two grandchildren.

  • Became choir director at HRVCC in 2015  |  Tel: 541-400-0568


Event Hostess/Custodian

Sable Duback

Sable was born and raised in Hood River, OR.  She has attended Hood River Valley Christian church since she was born. 
At 12 years old, Sable was baptized at the church. 
She graduated from Hood River Valley High School in 2013.  She is raising three kids: James is 10, Layla is 7, Rider is 6. 
She enjoys hiking and working out. And loves finding new places to explore. 
Sable works to keep the church clean and kept.  |  Tel: 541-386-2608



Bruce Holmson

  • Born and grew-up in Southern California

  • Attended/Graduated from No. Arizona University in 1972 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Forestry

  • Worked with the US Forest Service for 36 years as a Forester on the San Bernardino NF, Tahoe NF, Mt. Hood NF, and retired on the Gifford Pinchot National Forest in 2008

  • Worked with the US Census Bureau in 2009-11

  • Currently, I am President of The Hood River County Christmas Project – a non-profit organization to assist people in need, during the Christmas season, with food and children’s toys  |  Tel: 541-386-2608

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